Wednesday, 27 May 2009

How much fun can you have in a tent with a load of bookworms?

the answer is, quite a lot actually.
If you want to know what i'm on about, then read on.
All this week i've been going to a big book and media festival in Hay-On-Wye called the Hay Festival. It has music (but no-one that famous), famous authors, and comedians.
Anyhow, i arrived at dad's on Friday, minus the deeply embaressing experience of getting changed in the car speeding down the moterway, as i usually do, because it was the start of half-term and we had a wear-what-you-like day.
I met dad in the Swan pub in Worcester as usual, and we went down to the station. We took the train down to Hereford, where i sort of shuffled around for a while with my fringe over my face praying to anyone listening that i wouldn't run into anyone I knew. I've got to the point where i just really don't want to talk to anyone from Hereford. Then we took the train to Abergavenny, and Sian collected us. We dropped our bags back at the flat in Talybont, then went straight to Hay. There, we found our tent, and went in. We went in, and there were SEATS. Rows and rows of SEATS!!! Bear in mind that this is a gig by Asian Dub Foundation. You can't not dance at their gig. It's physically impossible.
Anyhow, I'd never heard them before, but their music was incredible. Really cool, but at the same time it made a point. It was like rave with an actual meaning. I danced for hours, and then we got an encore! We left at 11pm, and picked up hitchhikers. We dropped them off at a pub, then came home. we flopped :D. It was my first gig, and my first hitchhikers. YAY!!!!!!!
The rest of the week has been really fab as well. We went to a comedy gig by Jeremy Hardy, and another by Elis James. I LOVEd these, as stand-up comedy is my fave thing ever (after chocolate, my m8s, holidays, the internet...)
We also went to two talks by authors whom i really like, Julia Golding, and Celia Rees. Sally Gardner was at the Celia Rees one, so I might check out one of her books.
one of the latest things I went to was a show called the Paper Cinema with Roger Eno. The Paper Cimena was like a big show with paper puppets. Apparently, Roger Eno is related to some famous musician called Brian Eno, but I didn't really like him. His ego was biiiiiig. In the middle of one of the performances, he was playing piano, and he suddenly yells to a sound technician to come and sort out the keyboard. They had a loud conversation, then he put the soundbox on the floor, stamped on it, and said "That's one faulty connection which will never be faulty again." JERK.
It's been fab, but I forgot to call mum. EEK she might just be upset :S

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  1. Why do you still have no coments?I read your blog tis v good and to think you will soon be 23,heheheheh but dont wish your life away just enjoy wish i had the chance again i would.Your a very cool girl,just always stay that way.BIG X


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